I am overwhelmed! These are so beautiful, so mesmerizing, so inviting to enter. I did not think it was possible, because your pieces were already so incredible, but you have grown! I get this feeling that a magical witch, both tempting and terrifying wants to invite me into some world, one that promises so so much but also threatens in some way, I can’t stop looking. I always loved your work, am proud of the one I own, but this… wow. How proud I am to know you for some thirty years.

— Erika Passantino
(Erika was recently awarded the Atlanta Writers Club Rick Bragg Non-Fiction Essay for 2018.  Published in The Blue Mountain Review, which at the same time published a poem called “R Street.”)

Wow. I’ve been up and down on her web site. I REALLY like her work. I think she’s very talented — but that’s beside the point. Her work appeals to my soul. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Nell McLauchlin