Ravishing Radishes

Book #19: Ravishing Radishes, 2/26/2013, 6” x 6 1/2”. 10 pages, counting front and back covers.

Ravishing Radishes is a celebration of ourselves and the teeming abundant beauty–and bounty–of the natural world around us supporting our lives.

One day I sliced a radish for our daily salad, and found it to be so strange and beautiful that I was compelled to scan it into my computer. I then placed it (repeated three more times, using Photoshop) in front of a sheet of previously scanned-in origami paper with its very rich pattern and, of all things, uploaded it onto my Facebook page. Everyone responded to it enthusiastically . . . so my mind began to take off from there. I seldom work on a single image–one image almost always leads to another. So, one at a time, images began to form themselves composed of vegetables with richly patterned backgrounds. I went back to the cover page of what by now was to be a book, adding its beribboned title and our friend flying his training plane in among the radish clouds. I was then inspired to include at least once something human (or sort of human) on the each page. Creatures and creations fly, sleep, play, and float among birds, trees, water, diagrams, and of course, vegetables and fruits or all sorts–mainly ones I like best.