“ We built a ship upon the stairs

All made of the back-bedroom chairs,

And filled it full of sofa pillows

To go a-sailing on the billows. “

Robert Louis Stevenson:

Collage: printed paper layers, painted with acrylic and glitter glue

When I was a kid, one of the things I loved most to do was play with paper dolls.

I loved cutting out their clothes and making up stories about them. I must say, that even now, I just love kids’ toys (from way back when—things like simple blocks, jacks and coloring books, with their bright and chirpy colors and gentle silliness. Such a contrast to all the high tech stuff and activities that kids today enjoy! When we visited London many years ago, one of my favorite places I visited was the Victoria & Albert (V&A Museum of Childhood where they had old dolls and teddy bears and doll houses.