“Odd Man Out”




6/4/17, 8 1/2″ x 8 3/4″, layered painted computer collage. $950.00

Here we have Alice (of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” fame) visiting what appears to be the Garden of Eden. Amidst what appears to be a lush water garden, Alice, here head barely above water, seems to be addressing a snake twined around a tree. She is accompanied by many golden canaries as well as a myriad of flowers. The whole is surrounded by a luxurious border of strawberries–perhaps harkening back to Heironymous Bosch’s tryptych found in the Prado, sometimes referred to as the ‘strawberry painting’. There–in the lower left hand corner of the image is of the white rabbit, what Jungian scholars would refer to as a psychopomp.

Odd Man Out #3: “Still Life with Rabbit”

11/26/17, 7″ x 5″, collage composed on the computer, then painted with acrylic and metallic paint. For National Association of Women in the Arts 5″ x 7″ postcard fundraiser. SOLD to a board member Dec.,2017.

This was produced specially for the National Association of Women in the Arts’ postcard fundraiser. It can be reproduced at will.

This composition includes many of my favorite things like birds’ nests and eggs, ducks, flowers and a vine, a rainbow, blossoms, a rabbit and a baby’s head. There is even a mouse!

Odd Man Out #5: “Alice in a Lotus Blossom”

2018, dimensions variable, collage of found images composed on the computer.

Since it is a digital image, I can alter the size and proportions at will at least a bit without distorting the figures.

Here, Alice’s wonderland has been transformed. Rather than the smile of a Cheshire cat and the ramblings of Mr. Caterpillar, we have Alice, with her hands behind her, feet placed firmly on a pink lotus blossom floating in a pond, gazing at an army of both blue butterflies and a gaggle of cherubim flitting about. The background to these shenanigans appears to be the night sky. Alice is holding her counsel while being confronted by these heavenly creatures, both real and unreal.

Odd Man Out #6: “Eve”

9/5/18, 8″ X 10″ x 1 1/2″, mixed media collage.

Eve sits passively, no Adam by her side, ignoring the blandishments of Snake. Some sections of this tableau were taken from a Persian illuminated manuscript page. The angel was found in an unknown and mysterious place, and the stars are ‘borrowed’ from a Chris Ofili painting found online and kept in their original order and size. I don’t think this was from one of his dung paintings.