Odd Man Out #1-4: “Alice Converses with the Snake”

6/4/17, 8 1/2″ x 8 3/4″, layered painted computer collage. $950.00

Here we have Alice (of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” fame) visiting what appears to be the Garden of Eden. Amidst what appears to be a lush water garden, Alice, here head barely above water, seems to be addressing a snake twined around a tree. She is accompanied by many golden canaries as well as a myriad of flowers. The whole is surrounded by a luxurious border of strawberries–perhaps harkening back to Heironymous Bosch’s tryptych found in the Prado, sometimes referred to as the ‘strawberry painting’. There–in the lower left hand corner of the image is of the white rabbit, what Jungian scholars would refer to as a psychopomp.