Nine Houses

Parts Series #32: “Nine Houses”, 3/18/03, 2 1/2” x 10 1/4” x 10”, mixed media. Striped boxes in a metal tray. Sculpture.

As I recall, this piece was built upon a tray and containers that were meant to fit into it and be filled with soil to grow herbs. A ready made base for my flights of fancy!! At the time, I was very much engaged with the idea of a simple house form which I considered to be both active and passive–both male and female in nature. The house form I used was an arrow shape, such as little kids use in their early drawings. But, of course, the house is also a home that contains us and protects us against the heat and cold–a place where we work, play, relax and sleep.
So there they are, nine of them, ready to snuggle together and become a warm, nurturing community, each one a launching pad for new adventures!