My Process

This video shows, step-by-step, how “Forgotten Dream” was made. The process is not necessarily a logical one during which everything gets done in batches. First I covered the porous styrofoam spheres with acrylic modeling paste and a layer of black gesso. They were partially painted with their thick red and thin white stripes when I began to fashion the creatures on to be placed on top out of self-hardening paper clay. As the snake with the cat head was drying, I began the twin, twig heads.

And so it went, back and forth, so that when one part of the sculpture was in the process of drying, another would be brought along. I would continually need to check that all four spheres could still fit into the box, that the layers of paint would not make them too fat to fit!! The painting of the box with its pattern and scene was begun rather late in the process. Slowly, patiently, I worked on each section till finally the sculpture was complete. I knew something about how I wanted it to look, but there was, of course, some improvising as well.