Forgotten Dream

Parts Series #40: “Forgotten Dream”, November 2, 2011, 7” x 8” x 13” deep, mixed media: pre-made box, styrofoam balls, paper clay, twig, long twist tie, acrylic paint.

Where did I encounter this wonderful box divided into four parts? Boxes provide a home for things, a place to feel cozy and comforted. So here I was with a contained, secure beginning. Next, the four styrofoam spheres made their appearance. They fit perfectly within the space, even with the dividers, but I knew I had to lose the dividers because they’d have to be covered with modeling paste, black gesso, acrylic paint, and varnish, which is the next thing I did. At the same time, I began to make the creatures–the fish, the cat-headed golden snake, the orange bird, and the two heads covered with gold-beaded hair, supported by a real branch. Next the lid needed paint–a scene would be just the thing. I began with an apple tree partly submerged in water and a sun (or is that a moon?), with various human limbs floating about or dropping from the sky. Did Hurricane Katrina play a part? It is difficult to know.