Elaine Langerman: “Why do I make books? From the time I would beg my father to read me the funny papers, reading and books were magical to me. A small object, held on my lap had infinite power to take me to a place where angry thoughts and things didn’t happen — or more important, didn’t happen to me. So, over time, in the midst of my sculpture and painting activities, I would pause to make a small book containing stars, fish, or simply marks.”

Au Risque de Tomber

5.4 x 7.5″; 10 leaves. Gouache pencil and crayon on Black Arches paper. Bound in black cloth.

Eight original abstract studies, colorful morsels on a black page, each identified by a French phrase

and Les Bois de Roses 5.5 x 6.8″; ten leaves. Gouache images on Black Arches paper. Hand sewn book bound with black linen.

Ten original studies, colorful abstracts on a black page, each identified by a French phrase: “les bois de roses,” “sous l’azur,” etc., 1983.

were done during the same period of time, back in the 80’s. It was a time I was very much attracted to French poetry (especially that of Stephane Mallarme), as I still am. They are both done on BFK Reeves, heavy, delicious black paper and gouache, applied very quickly and spontaneously.