“I seek to create places of enchantment for the heart. I work with channeled and dream images. When I begin, I feel as if I were inside a dark sphere with its many windows, each opening onto a unique universe which is embodied in my art. I aspire to create a body of work, totally my own, reflective of the realm of spirit.” — Elaine Langerman

Artist Biography

Elaine Langerman earned her MFA from the University of Maryland. She knew she wanted to become an artist when she won a prize for a drawing in second grade. She is married with two children and has traveled throughout the US, Europe and Japan. She makes paintings, collages, sculptures and one-of- a-kind mixed media books. She is inspired by Medieval and Persian illuminated manuscripts and Majolica ware (the relief kind) as well as by the work of Klee, Cornell, Miro and Ernst.

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